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In collaboration with Zubr Curio, when we reopen we will be introducing new digital experiences to Beckford’s Tower, including an animated video which explores the root of William Beckford’s wealth.

This video will display a visual depiction of the Beckford family’s plantation ownership on Jamaica, telling the story of their involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, and the power and privilege that was passed down the generations to William Beckford.

The following gif shows just a snippet of the full-length animation, and offers a mere snapshot of the extent of the exploitation and abuse the Beckford family wrought in their quest for wealth.


Researching in-depth the extent of the Beckfords’ complicity in the trafficking and enslavement of African people is a priority for the museum working in partnership with Robert Beckford, Professor of Climate and Social Justice.

Beckford’s Tower will reopen to the public in summer 2024. Visitors to the Tower who find the content upsetting will be supported by trained members of staff.