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Abbot Alphege Academy pupils return to Beckford’s Tower to learn new videography skills

28th November 2023 2 min read
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Following a visit earlier this year, pupils from Abbot Alphege Academy returned to Beckford’s Tower again on 17 November 2023 to spend a day with videographer Justin Towell, learning technical and interviewing skills in order to make some new films.

The children remembered everything Justin taught them at their last session about perspective, using the ‘rule of thirds’ and how to hold the iPads to take films in a way that is slow and steady. In this session, the children were taught how to hold the camera when interviewing and working in pairs or small groups. They had great fun practicing this skill interviewing each other. After lunch, the children set off to test out their new skills on a visit to Beckford’s Tower.

The Tower is currently closed to the public while we carry out essential renovations, but we gave the children and staff special permission to go on site to look at the Grotto. The children were able to interview our Head Building Contractor Felix Emery, from Emery Building Contractors, about excavating the Grotto and they went inside the Grotto to take photos and films. Back in the classroom, Justin taught the children how to edit the clips and photos into a continuous film, working with transitions.

You can watch the finished films here:

Alternatively you can watch the full series of videos here.

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