Steeped in history and with an intensely emotive atmosphere, a walk through Lansdown Cemetery enhances any visit to Beckford’s Tower.

When the Tower became a mortuary Chapel for the parish of Walcot the land that once made up the Tower gardens, the final part of Beckford’s Ride up to the Tower from Lansdown Crescent, became a cemetery. Now the site of over 5,000 graves, the Lansdown Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Bath’s most significant residents, including the architect of the Tower, H.E. Goodridge. Beckford’s monumental marble tomb sits isolated on its own island, surrounded by elaborate and interesting memorials.

The Beckford Tower Trust, in partnership with Bath and North East Somerset Council and Walcot Parish, is dedicated to the restoration of these monuments and the continuing conservation of the surrounding ecology and landscape of Lansdown Cemetery.