We love welcoming families and school groups to the Tower, but you don’t need to visit to enjoy the fun. Here are some great ways to play and learn at home or in the classroom!

All the resources on this page are free to download, print and share. If you enjoyed these resources or if you’ve got an idea for a future resource, please let us know! Send an email to learning@bptrust.org.uk or find us on social media.

Read this simple, child-friendly poster to find out more about the man behind our Tower.

Learn more about William Beckford, then colour, cut and build your own Tower to display at home. This worksheet uses nets for different 3D shapes with foldable tabs that can be stuck together to make a 3D model of the Tower. Children may need parental supervision. Suitable for children aged 8+

Learn more about William Beckford, then colour, cut and fold your own Tower to display at home. Suitable for children aged 3+

Singing nursery rhymes at home together is great fun and can encourage a whole range of skills. Our songs follow the tunes of 3 well known nursery rhymes, and the lyrics are perfect for making up your own dance moves as you sing!

William Beckford loved to collect paintings and display these pieces of art around the Tower. Fill in the frames to make your own gallery wall. 

William Beckford loved to collect treasures like pots, books, art and furniture. He built the Tower to display all of his treasures inside. Follow the instructions to make your own collectors drawers to fill with your own treasures.

Follow these easy instructions to make a pair of binoculars out of loo roll tubes, then take them on a treasure hunt, who knows what you will find..!

Try this list of building challenges with any construction materials you can find at home, a perfect way to develop counting and fine motor skills. There’s even a recipe for homemade play dough!

Find your Museum Zen with our Beckford’s Tower inspired colouring for mindfulness sheets. Suitable for older children and adults.

Design and sculpt your own coat of arms to represent you or your family, inspired by Beckford’s obsessions with heraldry.

Beckford created his tower to be as tall, decorative and special as he could. Use up toilet roll, kitchen roll, cling film or wrapping paper tubes (or whatever else you can find) to make your own terrific towers!

Beckford’s Tower is famous for its beautiful spiral staircase. Follow the instructions on the activity sheet to make your own swirly staircase to display at home!

Learn about William Beckford and his collections, gather together your own special objects then produce a drawing of your own collector’s box.

William Beckford built an amazing garden for himself, what if you were able to design your own dream garden? What would it look like? What would you fill it with? Design your own on this worksheet!

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