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Digital supplier appointed to lead new interpretation at Beckford’s Tower

4th April 2023 3 min read
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Beckford Tower Trust has appointed Zubr Curio and Calvium to lead its new digital interpretation at Beckford’s Tower, which is currently undergoing a multi-million pound refurbishment, made possible with a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Zubr Curio and Calvium will deliver a range of engaging, innovative and immersive digital experiences for visitors to Beckford’s Tower and Landscape, covering both indoor and outdoor interpretation, plus accessible interpretation. The aim is for the interpretation to layer information and to offer different ways to access the narrative, catering for a range of learning styles.

The digital interpretation will enhance users’ engagement with and understanding of the key spaces within Beckford’s Tower, namely: the staircase; the drawing room; the library; the roof terrace; and the belvedere.

The digital interpretation will also encourage visitors to explore the grounds around the Tower, including the grotto.

The team at Zubr Curio


Physical access to the Tower will remain very limited, as the interior spaces can only be accessed via the spiral staircase at the heart of the building. As there are no plans to introduce lift access to the building, alternative digital interpretation will be a crucial part of our offering to visitors who are not able to use the steps.

Amy Stewart, Project Manager, Zubr says: “This project is a fantastic opportunity to combine the creativity and innovative AR expertise of Zubr Curio, with Calvium’s robust and visitor-friendly Place Experience Platform. Beckford’s Tower and the surrounding landscape has such a deep and varied history, which we can’t wait to make more accessible through digital interpretation. We’ve got lots of ideas and can’t wait to get started!”

Jo Reid, Founder & CEO, Calvium says: “We’re thrilled to partner with long-time collaborators, Zubr, to deliver an interactive, rich and varied experience for visitors to  Beckford’s Tower.  We are excited we can make the very most of our Place Experience Platform to augment the landscape with inclusive audio and visual storytelling.”

About Zubr Curio and Calvium

Zubr is one of the UK’s leading digital innovation studios specialising in immersive and interactive experiences and Zubr Curio is the branch of its studio which serves the heritage, arts and culture sector. For this project they are excited to reunite the partnership which successfully delivered the award winning ‘Hidden Florence 3D’ AR app. Zubr’s experience developing immersive content, coupled with Calvium’s expertise in innovative software solutions and digital placemaking, makes them the ideal team to create all three digital interpretation packages for Beckford’s Tower. Calvium is an award-winning digital innovation agency, creating products and services that have positive impacts on people, place and the planet. They combine expertise in research, experience design and software engineering to develop bespoke digital platforms, mobile apps and web apps, that deliver business critical services and engaging customer experiences. In businesses, especially in areas like customer experience, recognizing the significance of corporate standards is pivotal as they establish a consistent framework, ensuring a unified brand identity, and delivering a seamless, trustworthy experience for customers. These two companies have a long history of collaboration, with a thorough understanding of each other’s strengths and working styles.

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