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Beckford’s Tower is home to a collection of paintings, furniture and objects from William Beckford’s collection. The new displays showcase pieces from Beckford’s varied collections, including: furniture, such as an oak coffer cabinet and stand commissioned by Beckford for the tower; design objects, including over 30 silver teaspoons bearing the Beckford family crest and making a material link between the source of Beckford’s wealth – sugar plantations – and his prolific collecting habits; and fine art, such as a Willes Maddox painting commissioned by Beckford’s daughter after his death, depicting a combination of his rare historic pieces and new designs made by skilled craftspeople.

Some of the objects in our collection can be viewed below.

Willes Maddox Objects of Vertu,  No. 1, 1844. Beckford's Tower & Museum - Bath Preservation Trust
Tower engraving, unknown 19th century. Beckford’s Tower and Museum, Bath Preservation Trust

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