Beckford’s Biographers

From 7th March at Beckford’s Tower

William Beckford’s extraordinary life was filled with extravagance and scandal, this small exhibition explores the writers who have tried to capture the spirit of Beckford and tell his story.


Fonthill Model on loan to Salisbury Museum

Our model of Fonthill Abbey made for Beckford and dating from c.1799 is currently starring in the exhibition Turner and Wessex: Architecture and Ambition at Salisbury Museum.  The exhibition runs until 27 September 2015 and includes a superb collection of the watercolours and sketches Turner made of Fonthill Abbey and its landscape.

To find out more visit the Salisbury Museum website  http://www.salisburymuseum.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions

Visitors to Beckford’s Tower can pick up a leaflet that will get you a discount on entry to the exhibition (limited amounts so make a visit to the Tower soon so you don’t miss out).


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